Saturday, May 03, 2008

Night and Day

Spring in Inuvik is not like spring back East. Yesterday we got 10 centimeters of snow. The roads are now rivers of dirty slush. We have had some warm days. But warm up here is anything near 0C. Anything above 0C is downright hot.

Every day I have the trouble of deciding whether or not I’ll wear my light spring jacket, or my heavy parka. It comes down to whether I’d rather be a bit too warm, or a bit too cold.

At least the pussywillows are out. That has to count for something.

Last time I checked we’re nearing 18 hours of sunlight a day. We gain about 10 minutes every day, or over an hour every week.
The strangest thing of all is that the sun now sets before it rises in the run of a day. Technically, a day begins at 12:00am. Lately sunset has been around 12:15am. And sunrise is around 5:00am. So technically, the sun sets before it rises. “Night” as most people know it is for a few short hours in the morning. The mind boggles.


Megan said...

Layers, my friend, layers! A T-shirt under a hoodie under a light jacket should do you just fine for spring in Inuvik. :)

Anonymous said...

The sunlight thing has to do with how far west you are. In truth, Inuvik should be on at least Pacific Time if not further west. Have a look at the longtitude in your atlas. Fun isn't it!

Megan said...

I remember trying to convince someone in Vancouver that we were further west than they were. It was impossible.

Ferry Tales said...

I remember being there last summer and watching people play baseball past midnight. It was wild.