Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The End.

What Happened?

We left. In January, a job came up back east. I applied. I got it. We left. Those last six months after my last post were great. We drove to Dawson city. The summer flew by. We flew back east in August and got married. In the end, opportunity knocked and we answered.

I could've written more post those last months but I was busy writing for the paper. The north was no longer foregin to me. I was begining to see it as normal. It was harder to pick out things worth writing about from a southerner's perspective. So I stopped, and focused on writing for the paper.

I've been thinking about the North a lot lately. I especially miss it in the summer months. Sometimes I find myself craving a drive on the Dempster. Sometimes I miss the view of the river from Tulita. I miss how the north was at once vast in size and small in community. Mostly I miss the people.

I thought I should sign on and let any readers out there know the end. Thank you, good night.


Megan said...

A new adventure! Let us know if you start a new blog.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're doing well! Why don't you keep up an NL-based blog? I'm moving back to St. John's this month, by the way!

Nicky said...

Hi Brodie, I had been wondering about what happended to you. Thanks for filling in the blanks. Oh, You and Nicole might find it interesting to know that I am actually flying out to Nova Scotia and New Foundland during the first two weeks of this August. I hope all is well wherever you are.
Good Luck with everything!

Gregory Turnbull said...

Well, Brodie the people miss you too. I know what you mean about things seeming normal. It is all about perspective. Your perspective has changed and broadened. I think there is a word for when we stop changing perspective, it is called death. So you go on, with a different perspective for having spent time in the north. You did yourself proud. Yake care and keep in touch. TTYL