Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bulletin Board


Nicky said...

Hi Brodie, interesting montage, I am just curious what the message is here. thanks for updating

Brodie said...

Hi Nicky,
Please take from this what you will. There is no message or hidden agenda here. I guess it was just a lazy post because I didn't have time to write anything. I was standing there reading the signs and it hit me how odd most of these would seem in a community down south. Wolverine carcasses? Water delivery? Casino at the arena? But at the same time there are hockey tournaments and roadwork taking place.

Michelle Dwyer said...

I feel sad that i missed that wolverine carcass study.

i've seen those movies, and i certainly wouldn't mind a chance to study hugh jackmans. . . carcass.

long time, no see, Brodie. Hope you don't mind if i bookmark the blog. I always liked what you had to say.

you had me at 'Mealy Mountains'

Anonymous said...

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